Yuliya helped us tremendously with the sleeping habits of our 3-year-old son. We made a clear overall plan and she guided us on a daily basis with her feedback and advice. She is coaching in a nonjudgmental way and taught us - ways to improve the sleeping habits of our son (or better said, our sleeping habits!). She clearly holds a wealth of knowledge as for every situation she could provide very clear and effective feedback. Very happy with the results and the things I have learnt!


Wat een lieve vrouw. Ze luistert heel goed naar je wensen, neemt de tijd en snapt maar al te goed dat je dag soms anders loopt dan verwacht. Hierdoor voelde ik mij niet opgelaten wanneer ik mij niet precies aan de (slaap)tijden kon houden. Eigenlijk hielpen haar tips al meteen de eerste dag. En zelfs na 2 dagen sliep onze vent weer heel de nacht door en werd hij niet meer voor 06.00 uur wakker. Oftewel, zowel onze zoon als wij zelf slapen weer lekker heel de nacht door.


Yuliya is a great sleeping coach. She is supportive and non-judgmental and she knows a lot about children and sleep. She has a very good way of giving advice: honest, consistent and fair. We made a clear sleep plan together. She read our sleep logs very carefully and was very specific in giving additional tips and she took elaborate time to respond all of our questions. We have learned so much; about all the little tricks of our 4 year old, but also about our own habits, discipline and persistency wink. The sleep habits of our daughter has been improved a lot and we are so much better in control now. Thank you Yuliya for all your help!!


By 8 months old I was desperate. I was feeding every hour and initially tried everything I could. This very gentle coaching was perfect for us and by night 5 my son slept 11  hours and it feels like a mirical. Yuliya thank you some much you change our life, and we have our e venings back!!


This sleep coaching saved our life. Our little girl is not only sleeps through the night and takes two hours nap, she is so much happier and eats much better! We FINALLY able to enjoy our time together as a family! It's a relief.  Дякую юлія!